Dental Health: Why It’s Important and What You Must Know

If you have you putting off your annual dental checkup, or probably skipped it all together. Well, if you have opted for either one of the previous choices, you’re not alone. A recent survey of 2,000 adults in the United States shows that 6 in 10 adults are scared to visit the dentist, that’s an astounding finding. Since we all know that regular dental check-ups help us keep those pearly whites in good oral health. Regular dental check up is also important for overall health as we’ll discuss.

The Dental Health Dilemma: Unfounded fears

The previous findings from the survey should not surprise you, looking at the American Dental Association’s most recent survey, the number of adults – both vulnerable and regular populations – all have a kind of common fear towards dentists. We can relate this to just lack of knowledge of what is involved or what are the risks if you neglect your dental health.

This common fear is typically unfounded though. We’re all certainly afraid of pain, have fear of lack of control or fear the scary complicated tools the dentist and his assistants are inserting in our mouths. Those and more are all common fears that we all experience especially when we visit the dentist.

So how can we help a people to overcome those fears? I think it all starts when we are young. Schooling the kids from a very young age that dental visits is something normal and is a common and good practice is one way of doing that. Teaching good health maintenance habits will help kids at very early ages to go on and keep these habits throughout their lives. We can actually say the same thing about the common fear towards dental visits, it’s also something adults have acquired from parents, community and media when they were young.

Dental Health Awareness

If we can just make that health awareness happen for the younger ones in general, people will be less afraid of it if more preschool aged children are familiar with these concepts.

The dental setting in place now makes people a bit calmer when it comes to seeing the dentist. Many dental offices have become spas more than anything else. Sedation and relaxation techniques in dental clinics nowadays make people are generally in tune with feeling relaxed. This is also another aspect of solving the fear issues around dental health.

A lot of this actually starts with the access to the care service to starts with. It’s one thing to have a good service and relaxation in clinics, but it’s not solving the problem if people cannot afford the service. This is one of the biggest challenges that face public health in general not just dental health.

Why You Should Care About Dental Health?

The American Dental Association in 2015 indicated that the most common oral problem – regardless of socioeconomic status – is pain. There could be a lot of hidden hidden factors behind this. Gum disease, dental cavities, dry mouth or medications could be behind this pain. If we don’t really understand investigate the cause and get to the root of it, it can cause a chronic oral infection.

The same survey shows that the quality of life is significantly less for people that experience oral pain. There’s a lot of patients out there that suffer with this needlessly. People have to understand that regular care is as important as taking a medication. Seeing your dentist regularly or visiting a dental care provider helps uncover these sorts of things, and the problem will be resolved timely without any undesired complications.

Taking Care of Teeth, Taking Care of Health

So what do we mean by regularly? The bare minimum is having an oral examination at least once every year. Seeing a dentist or a dental hygienist for a routine cleaning and x-ray of teeth annually is good. Having it twice a year is preferable, that may not be within everyone’s reach. Twice a year is the standard and it helps to identifying oral disease early on, addressing it and and solving dental problems that tends to pop up commonly.

The dental cavities are much less common in kids than they used to be because the fluoridation of the water supply. Kids in the past used to have a mouthful of amalgam. Yet even for preschool children, this is something that gets past us so easily that tooth decay unfortunately has become an epidemic. Parents thinks the the baby teeth are going to fall out anyway and that it doesn’t matter if it has a cavity or not. This preconceived notions can cause a lot of problems to the child dental health as he grow up. Kids should also have a regular dental checkup, This is for the best.

Another reason to visit your dental care clinic, the dentist can sometimes diagnose other serious health maladies just by looking in the mouth. Mouth is a gateway for all sorts of identification of diseases, and some symptoms has been correlated with other medical diseases. For instance, periodontal disease and coronary artery disease are correlated. This is not to say that the earlier causes the latter but there are certain types of oral diseases that that give us an idea of the health of the individual under examination.

Brushing the Teeth and Flossing

How often should we brush our teeth once, twice a day? That’s a very common question. Preferably twice a day if not three times. Typically early morning and evening are good times to do this. This is important to prevent the bacteria developing on the surfaces of teeth.

Flossing is still absolutely important for lots of reasons. Flossing not only removes debris between the teeth, but also disturbs the population of the bacteria that tend to congregate between teeth. These bacteria take on whatever oxygen is available and reduce it to a sort of an anaerobic or no oxygen environment and this is a hallmark of some aspects of periodontal disease.

Electric toothbrushes are also an excellent idea. They do a better job of removing the debris between teeth than what an individual can do on his own. The electric brushes have also become more affordable and universally available for many more people in our age. The toothpaste, on the other hand, is not really a critical matter. You could probably just use a mouthwash or even just plain water if a toothpaste is not available. The act of brushing or flossing itself is what takes the debris away from teeth and makes it makes the cleaning effective.

Sometimes doctors would advise to use a certain type of toothpastes for sensitivity help protect teeth enamel and makes it more resistant to acidic breakdown. Also fluoridation makes teeth more resistant to breakdown, this is one more the key just one more reason to see your dentists get your annual checkups.

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