About Us

The story

Once upon a time, all teeth in the great toothville were sad and gloomy. The once shiny and prosperous village, is now dull and neglected. The streets are filled with trash and food residues. The gum is aching and bleeding. Not even a single toothbrush has come to clean the village alleys in weeks.

“This is mayor Wisetooth, we are holding a grand session at the main hall tonight” said the mayor in the emergency speaker
“Everyone must attend, the village situation is serious and grave dangers are around the corner” he continued.
“If we don’t do something about this situation, we won’t last another summer!!”

In the evening, all members of toothville gathered. They are desperate for a solution to the deeply concerning state of affairs. The attendees seemed ill and lacked energy. Many of them had cavity. Gum seemed malnutritioned and weak. Tonsil had stones and smelt bad.

“We have to change this” said one tooth
“Every teeth has rights” shouted another
“We need to spread awareness between people” said another tooth from back of the hall
“We need health care for every one” …

“It’s not enough to shout out your demands” said Wisetooth “you need to work hard to fulfill it”
“WE need to work hard to fulfill it”

Our mission

As everyone in toothville are working hard to clean, brush and wash everywhere, we decided that the present situation at the village is also our concern. Our culture has added sugar in every food, our ways of food processing stripped food away from it’s nutritional value and our fast paced days made junk food much more convenient than healthy options.

We created this website to raise awareness of the situation in toothville
To get everyone to work with the little teeth of the village
To return every tooth to its shiny and white origin
To give even the poorest tooth its rights
To make every teeth a happy and shiny one

Good health is every teeth right!